Educational IT Services Provided with Superior Performance



Customer Solution at a Glance:

Company Profile: ACS is an educational IT services provider based in Macon, Georgia

Business Need: ACS needed a thin-client, server-based computing solution that was easier to use and less costly than Citrix Presentation Server.

Graph On Solution: ACS deployed GraphOn’s GO-Global® for Windows software, providing easy application access for upwards of 50,000 worldwide users.

Results: Increased performance · Less server and bandwidth overhead · Simpler deployment and support · 40% cost savings vs. Citrix · Improved server-based security · Increased user satisfaction

ACS Inc. markets its server-centric computing services to kindergarten through college-level schools (K-20) and software companies that operate in the educational sphere. The company also offers technology transfers concerning properly maintaining server-centric computing environments, as well as private branding of their educational services.

Previously, ACS had been using Citrix Presentation Server to provide server-based applications access to its worldwide customer base. However, pricing, performance, and support issues dictated a new approach. After evaluating a number of alternative solutions and performing proof-of-concept benchmark tests, ACS selected GO-Global for Windows from GraphOn Corp.

ACS Educational Services. “At ACS we provide safe and secure computing environments for educational facilities, as well as Web-enabling services to software vendors in the educational realm,” said Clark McNutt, Vice President of Sales at ACS. “We run Windows-based educational applications in our centralized environment which are accessed by our customers who use a wide range of desktop and laptop devices, including fat and thin clients, Macs, Linux PCs, and Windows PCs.

Citrix Experience. Prior to deploying their new GO-Global solution, ACS had been relying on Citrix Presentation Server for centralized application access. “We discovered that Citrix is not really priced properly for our market,”explained McNutt. “What’s more, we found Citrix to be too complex and difficult to support. GO-Global, on the other hand, has given us exactly what we needed. Together with our configuration which eliminates single points of failure and provides server-side utilities, we now have what we feel is the perfect solution.” With GO-Global, ACS now has a fast, simple, and affordable information delivery solution that provides instant access to centrally-running applications from any location, platform, and operating system – all without the complexities inherent in Citrix or Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (WTS),

Evaluation and Proof of Concept. In addition to GO-Global, ACS also evaluated alternatives such as Ardence, XenSource, and Tarentella. The company performed a proof-of-concept benchmark test prior to making the final decision. “From our initial tests, it was immediately apparent that GO-Global was much faster and easier to use than Citrix,”said McNutt.

Final Solution Results in 40% Savings: “We have close to 50,000 users worldwide, so GraphOn’s concurrent licensing model was ideal for our needs,”said McNutt. “We have currently deployed 6,000 GO-Global licenses which can be shared among our user base. In terms of total costs, GO-Global has saved us about 40%over Citrix’s per-seat licensing requirements.”

GO-Global in Action: Applications deployed by ACS through GO-Global can now be accessed from any authorized client device. The published applications are seamlessly integrated with the user’s desktop. Although applications are installed on the server, they look, feel and perform as if installed locally on the client device. Applications are accessed in their native format, with 100% of their existing features and functionality. Unlike Citrix and WTS which uses the RDP protocol, GO-Global uses GraphOn’s patented RXP protocol which is much faster and offers greatly improved data compression. The result is near LANlike performance, even over high latency dial-up lines and Internet connections

The Bottom Line “With GO-Global, we’ve increased our performance, reduced our server and bandwidth requirements, and simplified deployment and support,”concluded McNutt. “We plan to continue to build our future around GO-Global.”