Graphon Dispatches The Right Solution For Field Service Personnel



Customer Solution at a Glance

Company Profile: Founded in 1936, Ricohis a global leader in digital office solutions

Business Need: Ricoh Group ASP needed to Web-enable the ClickSchedule application to allow field service dispatch personnel to access the application via a Web browser.

GraphOn Solution: Thanks to the server-based GO-Global® for Windows solution, Ricoh dispatchers now have easy, efficient, and transparent access to ClickSchedule.

Results: · Easy application access from any location, platform, and operating system. · Simplified application deployment and support. · Improved server-based security. · Increased user satisfaction.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and with offices and subsidiaries in over 150 countries, Ricoh Company Ltd. currently has 75,000 employees worldwide while reporting over $17 billion in annual sales. Ricoh Group ASP Ltd. provides customer relationship management (CRM) applications to other Ricoh subsidiaries throughout Europe on an application service provider (ASP) basis. Recently, Ricoh Group ASP faced the challenge of finding an efficient way to Web-enable the Windows-based ClickSchedule field service optimization application so that Ricoh dispatchers could access the application from a central server using a standard Web browser. After evaluating several alternative solutions, Ricoh turned to GO-Global from GraphOn to instantly Web-enable the application.

Click Schedule The ClickSchedule software from ClickSoftware is a Windows-based field service optimization application that enables the Ricoh dispatch department to schedule 500 field service employees. Dispatchers can define how key performance metrics – such as service level agreement (SLA) compliance, overtime, travel time, etc. – are considered in the scheduling process, and then automatically build schedules in such a way as to optimize performance around those metrics. About 80% of the scheduling is done automatically, while dispatchers manually schedule the remaining 20%.

Going with Go-Global To transform ClickSchedule into a Web-based ASP application, Ricoh Group ASP turned to GO-Global for Windows. With this easy Web-enabling solution, ClickSchedule was quickly deployed without the need to modify a single line of application code. The solution is easy. Ricoh Group ASP simply runs ClickSchedule on their central servers. Using the GO-Global server software, the application is published or “served up” over the Internet to the users in the dispatch department. Users in turn run the GO-Global ActiveX thin client on their PCs, which is automatically installed the first time they access the application. This component is extremely thin – virtually a zero-footprint client. The thin client displays the ClickSchedule application on the user’s desktop as though it were running locally. It also sends keystrokes and mouse events back to the server from the client.

Application vs. Desktop Prior to selecting GO-Global, Ricoh evaluated other available solutions. With some alternatives, the entire desktop is delivered over the network from the server to each user. This means that users see a different screen than they are used to seeing. With GO-Global, only the application interface is published. So even though ClickSchedule runs on Ricoh’s central servers, from the user’s perspective the application looks, feels, and performs as if installed locally on the client desktops. GO-Global-published applications are accessed in their native format, with 100% of their existing features, functionality, and branding.

Efficient Data Transmissions Only GO-Global uses the highly efficient RXP protocol for data transmissions. This patented protocol provides improved data compression for fast, efficient, LAN-like performance over all network connections, including low-bandwidth links, modem connections, and latency-intensive Internet connections

Net Results “Thanks to GO-Global, we are saving time and money on supporting the applications there are less calls compared to the previous fat client deployment,” said Peer Huising, IT Manager at Ricoh Group ASP. “The software is now easier to roll out, our users are happy, and we have improved security because access is now based on central security groups.” Today, about 35 Ricoh dispatchers are using the GO-Global-published application to schedule 500 field service reps. “However, we will soon be adding more users as we deploy the solution to additional Ricoh subsidiaries across Europe,” concluded Huising.