Hotel Benefitted With Centralized Server Based Computing



Customer Solution at a Glance

Company Profile: As part of Grupo Optursa, Hoteles Globales operates 47 international hotel properties with total sales in excess of 100 million Euros. The company employs over 3,500 people. For more information, visit

Business Need: Hoteles Globales needed an efficient way to run centralized Windows client/
server applications from remote thin clients.

GraphOn Solution: By deploying GraphOn’s GO-Global® for Windows solution, the hotel group enjoys the many advantages of server-based computing.

Results: · Easy application access from any location, platform, and operating system. · Reduced bandwidth requirements. · Rapid deployment of new clients · Scalable, cost-effective growth

Headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Hoteles Globales has over 30 years of hotel management and tourism experience. The company operates hotel properties in popular Spanish tourist destinations such as the Balearic and Canary Islands, and Costa del Sol. Additional hotels are located in Nicaragua, Argentina, Belgium, and Switzerland. Hoteles Globales has had previous experience with server-centric computing, so when the hotel group migrated from character-based Linux applications to new Windows-based, client/server applications, they wanted to retain the inherent benefits of a centralized environment. After evaluating both Citrix and Windows Terminal Services, the company selected GO-Global for Windows from GraphOn Corp.

Staying Centralized “Hoteles Globales wanted a straightforward, cost-effective solution that would allow them to run their new Windows based hotel management applications in a centralized environment which could then be accessed from remote locations using thin clients,” said David Ribera Diaz of Sistemas de Acceso Interactivo (SAI), GraphOn’s distributor in Spain. “The hotel’s client/server applications include accounting, purchasing, stock control, human resources, and more.” Previously, the hotel group had been running centralized, character-oriented Linux applications which were accessed remotely via traditional telnet clients. With the move to Windows-based, client/server applications and a graphical user interface, the company decided it made good business sense to retain the many benefits of centralized computing. “In a centralized environment, application deployment and support are handled at the central site, not at individual dispersed desktops,” explained Diaz.

Checking out the Thin-Client Alternatives To meet the requirements for server centric, Windows-based computing, Hoteles Globales evaluated three we known product solutions: Microsoft Windows Terminal Service, Citrix Presentation Server, and GraphOn GO-Global for Windows. “In the final analysis, we selected GO-Global because the solution was easy to deploy and use, was very fast, and fully met our needs at an attractive price,” said Miguel Ángel Mestre, IT Manager at Hoteles Globales.“We were equally impressed by other GO-Global advantages such as near-zero administration, reduced bandwidth requirements, built-in security, and scalability for easy growth.”

User-Friendly Solution The GO-Global server-centric solution istotally invisible to the users. No changes are necessary to the applications. Each uses simply runs a near zero-footprint thin client. Centrally-running applications thereby appear on each user’s desktop exactly as if they were running locally. While Hoteles Globales decided to use GraphOn’s native Windows thin clients, GraphOn also offers Web browser plug-ins and Java thin clients.